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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Watch this new video about sex trafficking in the US

I ran across this video that highlights the problems of US sex trafficking still rampant in today. Sex trafficking is a local issue, and in Arizona it's big news since the Super Bowl is only a few months away here.

Where do parents turn for help whose children are in the sex industry? I cover this in several blog articles and the best I can do is suggest that the loved ones of sex workers turn to support groups like Families Anonymous or Alanon for help. There is no one support group for parents of sex workers. 

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving. If I had to give one insight from my personal experience, if you have other children, don't allow all your attention to focus on the child with the problems. You risk letting your other loved ones down if you focus too much on the child or loved ones with issues. Everyone in your family matters, not just the one who creates the turmoil.