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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Complex Post Traumatic Disorder and Healing for Sex Workers

Finally, the study of Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, defined as trauma that is repeated over a period of time, is including sex workers. This recent post by the the US Department of Veterans Affairs includes "prostitution brothels" in its list of traumatic situations.

I'm a child of the Vietnam era and I've long watched my Vietnam Veteran brothers in recovery struggle with their recovery from PTSD. I've also maintained, and hoped I haven't offended them, that working in the sex industry in any country can be as traumatic as battle. The enemy is different but the results are profoundly similar: A lifetime of fear, distrust and misplaced anger.

I've also been thinking in the past few years as so many veterans return from the Gulf Wars, especially female veterans, that recovering sex workers and veterans have much in common in their healing from PTSD. These are simply my thoughts this beautiful morning.

We are cancelling our monthly meetings to go to an on-line format since most of our calls come from outside the Phoenix area. Stay tuned for more updates.