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Saturday, July 24, 2010


When is it time to intervene when your loved one is in the sex industry? Whether it is your daughter who is stripping, you suspect your sister is a "weekend warrior" earning a little extra money while still working her regular job, or another person close to you who doesn't hide the fact that he sells his body, you owe it to that person to talk to them about their choices.

I came of age in a "do your own thing" generation. I believed that prostitution was a victimless crime. This blog refuses to wade into the debate of the legal efforts to repress prostitution. But in reality, the biggest victims of the sex industry are the sex workers themselves.

There are very few interventionists available to help you. I am currently developing a list of  trained and experienced interventionists who can assist, so stop back soon. We have resources available for you. In the meantime, simply taking the time to talk to your loved one about their lifestyle may open the door to a dialogue. Denial is a powerful tool, but ultimately, talking through the lies and the denial may just save your loved one's life.

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