A blog for those walking away from a life of sex work and for
the families of those not fortunate enough to walk away.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

New support group for those with loved ones in the sex industry

In a few months, we'll be starting a support group in Phoenix to assist those who children, spouses and relatives are in the sex industry. Traditionally, there has been little support for those who struggle with the feelings surrounding watching their loved ones work in the sex industry.

Again, this blog takes no political stance on whether sex work is right or wrong or should continue to be further criminalized. We only know that many sex workers are in the industry by force and many would leave the industry if they had other ways to support themselves or could stop using drugs.

What we do here is try to provide support, not only for the sex worker who wants to leave the industry, but for the loved ones of sex workers who have few options to turn to regarding their own powerlessness and helplessness.

Check back, because we'll be posting the location in central Phoenix soon. Until then, be safe and know that you are not alone.