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Monday, June 22, 2009

Sentencing guideliness blamed for sentence

In a recent post, we discussed the ridiculously light sentence given to a man who hired underage prostitutes in Eugene, OR. We wrote to both the judge and the prosecutor and both responded. The prosecutor blames the flaws in the writing of the law against pimping underage children; the judge blames our "ignorance" of the mandatory sentencing laws in Oregon.

If we are to believe them, the last avenue for these any type of justice in the future would be to write legislators and ask them to enact stiffer penalties for cases of this type and to consider doing away with mandatory sentencing guidelines. Federal judges have bemoaned mandatory sentencing guidelines for years and apparently Oregon state judges are bound by similar guidelines, which effectively takes the "judge" out of the judge by disallowing his or her judicial discretion when sentencing.

On the only positive note to come out of this, the children were not charged with a crime as reported in a blog entry by the reporter who covered the story for the worthless Eugene newspaper. Also, the district attorney who contacted us assured me that the children are receiving appropriate help.


  1. I've been a part of a team of survivors and legislators who have achieved getting stiffer sentencing mandated for predators and traffickers in more than one state as of today. We are in the process of going after other states, and also getting stiffer sentencing then ever in the states we have made progress in. If you are interested in getting involved with people who are getting the laws changed - please contact me at www.tapsdirectory.org