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Monday, June 1, 2009

The Powell memorial

Saturday, about 100 people filled the pews of Encanto Community Church to memorialize Marcia Powell, who died in an inmate cage in the Arizona sun. In life, no one claimed her, but in death, perhaps she finally has peace.

Community activists spoke about social justice, including noted trial attorney Joy Bertrand, who outlined Marcia's arrest record, noting she was a mentally ill public nuisance, not someone who deserved prison. "Enough throwing away people because they exasperate us!" she told the crowd.

Criminal justice activist Jeremy Jameson spoke of the Lakota Souix, whose greeting "Ya-teh-hey" means "I acknowlege you." Perhaps no one was left alive who valued Marcia, but she was someone's daughter, someone's sister perhaps, someone's friend. Marcia's memorial service gathered one hundred people, taking time out of their lives, to say, "Marcia, we acknowlege you. Ya-ta-hey."

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