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Monday, June 1, 2009

20 Questions: Are you a sex worker?

Sex Workers AnonymousTwenty Questions

If you answer "yes" to three or more of these questions, then a twelve-step program might be of help to you.

1. Have you ever lost a very important person in your life, or had them taken away, due to your involvement in the sex industry, and/or your refusal to quit?

2. Have you ever set a quitting date, only to change that date forward, or canceling the idea altogether when the date came?

3. Have you ever been arrested, only to return to sex work immediately upon your release?

4. Do you find that you only get romantically or socially involved with either people who do not know what you do at all, or people who are also involved in the sex industry because it’s "easier than explaining what you do"?

5. Do you feel physically ill while doing what you do in sex work, or right after it’s over?
6. Have you ever sworn "never again" only to go right back to sex work because "things have changed" or told yourself it was "ok just this one more time"?

7. Have you ever tried changing your sex work habits, instead of completely quitting, thinking it was only "that" which was the problem? Example - sworn only to see regulars, or started doing something different like going from prostitution to stripping thinking things would be "different" because at least now you‘re not on the streets?

8. Do you find yourself removing people from your life, or choosing not to include them in your personal life, if they urge you to quit sex work?

9. Do you find yourself having people in your life that you don’t particularly like because they "help you out" with money and/or things that you need?

10. Have you ever placed the completion of a transaction in sex work ahead of your own health and welfare, or that of your family or loved ones? Example - left a small child alone while you turned a trick?

11. Have you ever enrolled in a class, seminar, or vocational school designed to help you quit sex work, only to miss more than one class so you jeopardize completion, or dropped out entirely, because you had "work" to do? Example - maybe even left in the middle of class because a client paged you?

12. Are you finding sex with someone you are presently involved with becoming less enjoyable and more of an "act"?

13. Do you ever have difficulty sleeping because of thoughts of the sex industry, or fear of the truth coming out that you were, or are, in sex work?

14. Do arguments, disappointments, or frustrations give you an uncontrollable urge to go back to sex work?

15. Have you ever performed a sexual act you were not comfortable with, and/or that may have physically hurt you because you "wanted the money"?

16. Have you ever accepted a tip from a client in exchange for not using a condom, or to perform a risky sex act, and told yourself it was ok because "it won’t hurt this time" or "they looked healthy"?

17. Do you spend large amounts of your sex work earnings on "impulse" buys and then afterwards wonder what that was so important to you at the time?

18. Do you hoard your money almost compulsively, or give all of it away, and find yourself not having any money left for essentials?

19. Have you ever been beaten up, or physically hurt by a client or pimp to the point of being hospitalized, or at least requiring medical attention, and then immediately after your release gone back to sex work because "you needed the money"?

20. Have you ever thought of suicide because of being in sex work, or the feeling that you’ll never get out or that you are a bad person because of it?

If you feel that you have a problem that may be helped by support from other women who have left the sex industry, consider attending a SWA meeting in your area, or starting your own.

Many sex workers either turn to prostitution to support their drug addiction or begin using to numb the pain of the lifestyle after entering the industry. If you have a drug problem, it is virtually impossible to leave the industry without first addressing this problem. We have a link to Narcotics Anonymous. Here, you can begin to address your addiction and find support that will help you find a new way to live.

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